Guiding Principles

Here are the '5 Elements of Success' that are the foundation of our Chapter

Accomplishments, Results, Achievement, Clarity, Commitment, Community,Growth/Learning, Mastery/Excellence, Orderliness/Accuracy, Recognition/Acknowledgement, Service/Contribution, and Trust.

We come together as a committed, creative, and dynamic Chapter with the intention of growing the Cachet Club to 40 like-minded people. We enjoy our one-on-one meetings with members each week and, in addition to these weekly meetings, we often see each other to mentor, to work with our Contact Spheres, and to make plans, for social events which we all enjoy. We also participate in workshops together where we bond further, growing our relationships, developing great friendships, and serving as a strong sales- force for each other's businesses. On occasion, we also network with other BNI Chapter in Massachusetts.

Our mission is to continue building the Cachet Club--one of the finest BNI chapters in Massachusetts! Club members are mutually supportive and committed to the "givers gain" philosophy. Our group of dynamic leaders is passionate and committed to creating measurable bottom-line results for our entire Chapter. We value growth and learning, mentoring, camaraderie, and running our Chapter with the highest degree of integrity.

We understand the importance of assuring that our Emotional Intelligence equals our Intellectual Intelligence to be successful in our personal and professional lives. We are also community-minded, big-picture thinkers. Our members include newly minted with successful track records from their past professions as well as others who have experience in their present business.

We respect and honor BNI's formal structure and conduct our meetings using Dr. Mizner's philosophy for guidance and for our own understanding of what constitutes appropriate structure in all our activities.

Whether or not you are familiar with the BNI structure, we invite you to attend one of our meetings. You can be assured of a warm, respectful greeting and an opportunity to meet our members